Three-legged puppy conquering stairs is the most inspirational thing you’ll see all day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KNOXVILLE, TN – Ollie Vue may only be 3-months-old, but he’s already inspiring thousands of people around the world with an adorable video that shows him conquering a step.

The golden retriever was the 12th puppy in a litter that was only supposed to have 11 puppies, and as a result, he was born without one of his legs.

The dog breeder contacted Alex and Leanne Widmer because she thought they may be up for the challenge of raising a dog with three legs.

“My wife and I have a passion for people and kids who are maybe seen as different in the world’s eyes, whether it be a mental special need or physical disability… No one should be judged or seen differently in our society by the way the walk, talk, think, and look.

We have heard that breeders sometimes put down the pets who have deformities right after birth, and we decided were up for the challenge to raise him,” Alex told CBS4.

The couple says they are extremely glad they made the decision to welcome Ollie into their lives. They say even though he is missing a leg, he is just like every other puppy.

Ollie has become very popular after a video of him trying to get up a step went viral.

Alex owns a video production and photography business. When he saw that Ollie was struggling to get up the step, he thought this was the perfect opportunity to film his progress. He says Ollie was definitely eager to get up the step on his own the first few days, but he was uncertain on how to get his hind legs up it.

Finally on the fifth day that Alex worked with Ollie, he decided to go up the step with a running jump, and he made it!!

Alex posted the video on Instagram last week, and it has over 145,000 views!

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