Dramatic Crawfordsville billboard gaining attention and getting results

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. -- If you drive down State Road 32 in Crawfordsville, you can't miss the newest billboard. "One way stop using heroin," is what the billboard says, with a picture of a casket next to it.

A similar billboard was put up in Lebanon nearly four months ago.  Scott Mitchell put up that billboard. He's a former heroin addict and a community development specialist with Lake Haven Recovery Center.

“There’s only two paths on the road when you’re using heroin. You’re either gonna die, or you’ll end up in jail," Mitchell said.

Since that billboard has been up, Mitchell has received more than 500 phone calls and helped at least 8 people get drug treatment.

One of those phone calls came from a Crawfordsville father. Travis Cornett's son is a heroin addict, currently getting drug treatment at a facility in Florida.

“I was driving home from a business meeting in Indianapolis on 65 and I seen Scott’s billboard and I actually went to the next exit and turned around and came back because I wanted to make sure what I was actually seeing," Cornett said.

He knew the message was an attention grabber. That's why he bought a billboard to put up the same message in Crawfordsville.

“Something I wanted to do something that helps the community," Cornett said. “It’s a big deal to me. I hate seeing these kids struggle on the street.”

He's hoping people will see the billboard and be inspired to call for help.

“I think anybody that’s fighting addiction, I think it would make it would at least make them think of it. As soon as they see it, it might bring some reality," Cornett said.

“We have to be that serious about it because if we don’t, we just tip-toe around it, nobody’s gonna get help and we’re gonna lose a ton of people," said Mitchell.

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