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More construction coming to State Road 37

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDOT will begin repairing and resurfacing SR 37 at 7pm Tuesday. The project will cause night time restrictions for several weeks.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Commuters in Johnson County have another road construction project to be on the lookout for.

Starting Tuesday at 7 p.m., INDOT will start work on a $3.3 million project to repair and resurface State Road 37 between Wicker Road in southern Marion County and State Road 144 in Johnson County.

INDOT officials say roughly 33,000 vehicles pass through the six-mile stretch of roadway every day.

In an effort to reduce traffic delays, contractors will be doing the patching and resurfacing work at night, generally beginning around 7 p.m.  During those work hours, SR 37 will be restricted to one lane.

The new project starts as south side commuters are having a hard time avoiding delays due to road construction and improvements.  Road work continues on I-65 between Greenwood and Franklin, and resurfacing work continues on US 31 and the southwest corner of I-465.  Last weekend, traffic backed up for several miles through the work zone on 465.

“When it’s complete, I’m going to love it,” said Marcan Brewer.  “But in the meantime, it’s hard to get through and get home at a decent hour.”

Brewer often commutes between Johnson County and Hamilton County and has been trying to change her routes based on road construction delays.  The addition of a new project will make that more difficult, even with SR 37 restrictions taking place at night.

“As I head back home from Noblesville tonight, it’ll be 7, 8 o’clock as I’m coming through,” Brewer said.  “So the construction will affect me.”

South side commuter Anna Molitor said she was glad to hear the new project will not likely impact her daytime drive.  But it will likely influence her route when traveling in the evening.

“I’m generally used to road construction during the summer, so I don’t think about it much,” Molitor said.  “But I might decide to take another route, try to avoid it.”

Roger Martin, who works as a delivery driver for Peapod, says he hopes drivers will heed the warning signs and drive cautiously through the new work zone.  He and many other south side drivers have grown accustomed to slowing down in work zones since major projects got underway last summer on I-65.

“Speeding, tailgating, just not paying attention to what people are supposed to be doing out there on the roads so nobody gets in an accident,” Martin said.

INDOT spokesman Harry Maginity said work crews will not likely work on northbound and southbound 37 at the same time.  They will start work on the northbound lanes first, then switch over to the southbound side. Maginity said the project is expected to last several weeks.

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