Vigil on Monument Circle first of weekend events planned in wake of shootings

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind -- A candelight vigil held on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis Friday night was the first of many planned over the weekend in response to the tragic events of the week.

More than a hundred people gathered at the vigil to pray for Dallas police officers, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile.

Kristin Holden and Ashley Perryman, who planned the vigil, said they weren't part of an organization but instead simply friends who felt compelled to do something.

"We were just tired of posting something on Facebook. It was just, we have to do something and we’re tired of saying, 'Well maybe something will happen and we can go there,'" Holden said.

"It was in our hearts and we just said, 'Let’s just do it, we’ve got to do it,'" Perryman said.

At another event scheduled Saturday, Nigel Long said he and fellow youth would march through downtown and speak out, in the way people did just before the Dallas shooting.

"We want generational support. We want ... everyone that can come to come. We want people from all creeds, from all races, from all sexual orientations," Long said.

With so much to talk about, and think about, in the wake of the shootings, IU Health's Dr. Natalie Dattilo said that as a clinical psychologist, she sees the discussions on social media and with friends as healthy.

"I think the first thing to realize is it’s normal to react to (all this). We should be reacting to things that are upsetting, so whether that’s sadness, confusion, anxiety, or anger, those would all be normal reactions and valid," Dattilo said.

Dattilo said if it becomes overwhelming, you should seek out help and someone to talk to.

She also gatherings as a healthy way to get out frustration, like the vigil Friday, where Holden and Perryman hoped that they could offer support.

"Coming together really is the answer," Holden said.

The march being held by Long and others will begin at the Indianapolis Public Library at 6 p.m. Saturday.

An interfaith prayer service hosted by Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett will take place at 4 p.m. Saturday at Light of the World Christian Church at 4646 Michigan Road.

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