Columbus City Council considers banning chickens

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLUMBUS, Ind. - The Columbus City Council decided to table the second vote on an ordinance this week that would ban chickens inside the city limits after dozens of chicken lovers came out to show their support for their birds.

Bill Porter, of Columbus, help create an opposition group to the proposal called, CHICK, or Columbus Homeowners Initiative for Chicken Keeping.

"Chickens are well suited to be raised inside city limits especially when you follow simple guidelines," Porter said.

The group had dozens of people testify to the Columbus City Council this week and share their stories of how chickens play a key role in their lives. Porter said not only do chickens make great pets, but also help support a sustainable lifestyle.

"Chickens when raised in a small environment like this, they truly do have a personality," Porter said. "Chickens can also eliminate food scraps from going into your trash and their waste can be used as compost and you can use that in your vegetable garden."
Also, the eggs can be a great, cheap and local source of food for your family, Porter said.

City Council member Tom Dell, D-Columbus, said it was thrilling to see the community's response to the proposal. He said critics of chickens inside the city point to noise, smell and sanitary concerns as for their reasons to want them gone.

Dell proposed at the meeting to table the ordinance until a committee can study safe, humane ways to keep chickens inside the city.

Dell is in the process of putting together a group of people both for and against having chickens inside the city. The committee will look at the number of chickens a person can own and a possible permit process to see if there is a compromise that can be made.

The group will present its finding to the city council in October.



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