Good Samaritan pays couple’s overdue rent, helps avoid eviction

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Kevin Fix and his fiance Michelle Fox were down and out on their luck, two months behind rent and facing eviction until a Good Samaritan came to their aide.

"We were basically going to be homeless," Fox said. "He was meant to be there. I’m really thinking God put him there for a reason."

The elementary school sweethearts reconnected five years ago through Facebook and got engaged two years ago. This April they got their first apartment together. With both of them working, they paid off April's rent, but in May, Fix suffered an injury causing him to lose his job.

"Things just snowballed from there," Fix said. “And I’m not one who wants to sit around and watch the world go by.”

On one income, the couple was unable to afford rent and found themselves facing Franklin Township Small Claims Court Judge John Kitley Jr.

“These people were very good people, but down and out on their luck," Kitley said. " I felt bad, but I have to follow the law.”

Kitley said he tried to get them an extension to pay their rent, but was unsuccessful. During the hearing, a complete stranger came to the couple's rescue.

“I got a hand on my shoulder and I thought it was God," Fix said. "I turn around and look and it was the gentlemen saying, 'do something nice for somebody else when you can.'”

Fix was the handed a blank check by the man who wished to stay anonymous. The man heard the couple's story while they were all in a deliberation room speaking to their lawyers before the hearings, Fix said. The Good Samaritan man was at the courthouse fighting the BMV to get a title for a rare sports car.

Kitley quoted the Good Samaritan, who said, "There was that time in my life when I needed help and this was my opportunity to give back, and I hope everybody in the courtroom recognizes they may have an opportunity to give back, and I hope they do."

“Right then and there tears were jerking from my eye sockets," Fix said. "I couldn’t believe what was happening."

Now, the couple is working to get back on their feet with this gift from a total stranger. Fix is starting to pick up light handyman jobs around town and Fox is continuing to work. Fix hopes to be healed by this fall and they both say when they can, they will pay the good deed forward.

"God told him this was his opportunity to help somebody out, and I want to be the one somehow, someway to do the same thing," Fox said.

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