Court docs: Son fatally shot mother after argument

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Richard Franks

MUNCIE, Ind. – New details emerged in the fatal shooting of a 73-year-old Muncie woman.

Police arrested her son in connection with the crime.

According to court documents, 42-year-old Richard Franks shot and killed his mother, 73-year-old Bonnie Franks, early Thursday morning inside her Muncie home.

After the shooting, Franks called 911. He told dispatchers that he and his girlfriend had an argument that led to his mother’s fatal shooting. Franks originally told police that his girlfriend, Amy Campbell, was responsible for killing his mother.

4 Fast Facts

  • Son arrested in murder of 73-year-old mother
  • He originally told investigators his girlfriend killed her
  • The man and his mother got into an argument
  • He told police he shot her after she threatened to call for help

After the shooting, both left the home. Franks was found driving around Muncie while Campbell was on foot. Both were taken into custody and questioned for several hours.

Campbell told police she’d known Richard Franks for about two weeks; they’d spent the previous night with at his home, where he lives with his mother. She and Richard Franks smoked meth that night, according to court documents, and Richard Franks got angry. His mother apologized for his behavior, she told investigators.

When police found Richard Franks, he told an officer, “some hooker just shot my mom,” according to court documents. He maintained that Campbell had shot his mother.

A witness told police that Franks showed up at his house around 5:20 Thursday morning “knocking on the door and crying.” The man said Franks told him that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and he “needed a place to stay.”

During a subsequent interview with police, Franks admitted he shot his mother with a shotgun. He said he’d gotten angry with Campbell and his mother; his mother said she’d “threatened to call his sister.” After Campbell left, Franks continued to argue with his mother.

He then “retrieved the shotgun from his bedroom and loaded a shell,” according to court documents. He threatened his mother with the gun; when she again said she’d call for help, he shot her, he told police.

Police found Bonnie Franks unresponsive and lying in a pool of blood in her living room. A shotgun was lying next to her and she was holding a cell phone, investigators said.

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