Was ‘Titanic’ villain misunderstood? The actor who played him thinks so

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Surely you jest, Billy Zane.

The actor has suggested that the character of Rose in “Titanic” should have ended up with his character, Cal, in the blockbuster film.

Zane made the comments during an appearance Monday on “Today.” For the two of you who have never seen “Titanic,” in the 1997 film Rose (played by Kate Winslet) is engaged to the rich, villainous Cal when she meets and falls in love with penniless but soulful Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the ill-fated voyage. Cal later tries to eliminate Jack as a romantic rival by framing him for theft.

4 Fast Facts

  • Billy Zane, who played Cal in “Titanic” says his character was misunderstood
  • Zane says fans still talk to him about the 1997 movie
  • “Titanic” is the second-highest grossing movie in history, earning more than $2.1 billion worldwide
  • Zane envisions a different ending where he reunites with Rose

Zane defended his loathed character, calling him “misunderstood.”

“I wasn’t the iceberg,” Zane said. “I did not drown 2,000 people.”

The actor is currently starring in the ABC drama “Guilt” and said he often hears from fans who still want to discuss “Titanic” all these years later.

“I think he found redemption by the end,” Zane said of Cal, who — unlike poor Jack — escaped the doomed ship on a lifeboat. “I wish he had found her on the Carpathia [the rescue ship that picked up Titanic survivors] and was able to right his wrongs.”

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