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Inmates break through brick wall at Madison County Jail to smuggle in supplies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Two inmates at the Madison County Jail are facing trafficking charges after police say they worked together to smash a hole through the wall of the jail to sneak in supplies.

“They found a way to dig out or break out the interior cement block. Once they are through that, it is not hard to push the brick exterior off,” said Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger.

The inmates used a broom that was in their cell block to make the hole. They unscrewed the top of the broom and used the metal part to break through the bricks.

The hole was spotted by an Anderson police officer who noticed white rope hanging from the second floor of the jail, where both violent offenders were housed.

“They made a rope out of pieces of cloth. Then, they used more cloth that they fashioned into a bag. They used cement from the wall to weigh down the block. Then they threw it out of the hole,” said Sheriff Mellinger.

Once the make shift rope and bag were lowered to the street, a former inmate who had been communicating withe the two men walked up and dropped cigarettes lighters and tobacco inside of the bag. The supplies never made it inside of the jail.

“We have video of him placing items into the bag, but when they pull the rope back up it gets caught in the security fence,” said Sheriff Mellinger.

Sheriff Mellinger says the infrastructure of the Madison County Jail makes it easier for the inmates to find ways to connect with the outside world. Now the two inmates who made the hole will face misdemeanor trafficking charges. The third suspect will face trafficking with an inmate charges.

Sheriff Mellinger has asked the county council for funding to hire part time security guards to patrol the jail.

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