Man and three teenagers arrested for pharmacy robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Jamison Scott pleaded guilty to possession of a narcotic drug, conspiracy to commit robbery, aiding, inducing or causing robbery, and resisting law enforcement. As a result, he was sentenced to 12 years in the Department of Corrections.


MUNCIE, Ind. - An Indianapolis man is accused of helping three teenagers rob a pharmacy.

29-year-old Jamison Scott is facing robbery and resisting law enforcement charges.

Sunday morning, just before 4 o’clock, Muncie police were called out to the CVS store on South Tillotson Avenue.  Scott allegedly waited in the getaway car in the parking lot while the three boys went in the store.  It’s believed one of the teen’s jobs was to be a distraction for the other two.

“It was reported that he came in with a cane and was walking with a limp and was asking the lady for some medication, saying he needed pain meds kind of asking different questions," said Sgt. Daxton Lovell, with the Muncie Police Department.

According to the police report, surveillance video shows the other two teenagers went to the back of the store and handed the pharmacist a note that said this was a robbery and ordered the employee to "obey or everyone would die."

“They demanded some pills and ended up coming with some OxyContin pills,” said Sgt. Lovell.

The suspects then took off and jumped into Scott’s car.  Police say Scott led officers on a chase for about a mile, until he turned into a housing complex with no way out.

“Once they turned on their emergency lights and sirens they observed the occupants start to throw things out the windows. It was later determined it was pill bottle lids they had taken off the pill bottles and thrown out the window,” said Sgt. Lovell.

All four suspects were arrested.  Police discovered pills inside and outside the vehicle.  While searching, investigators found another robbery note hidden in the truck in the spare tire compartment.

“So it appears they were after more than just the one why else would you have the two notes,” said Sgt. Lovell.

When interviewed, Scott claimed he knew nothing about the other robbery note and said the teenagers "must’ve put it there."  According to the police report, Scott changed his story, at first he told officers he didn't know any of the teens.  Scott eventually admitted he knew one of the boys.

“It’s just disheartening to see someone that you would hope help the youth, kind of be a role model for them kind of turn and orchestrate something like this,” said Sgt. Lovell.

The three teenagers are facing robbery charges.

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