$5,000 worth of fentanyl laced heroin seized, 2 arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. – Two people were arrested after a drug bust in Delaware County.

Deputies pulled a vehicle over Thursday night and found more than $5,000 worth of heroin.

The bag of 33 grams of heroin wasn’t the typical heroin.  It was laced with fentanyl, which can be much more powerful.

“The fentanyl-laced heroin is a more potent grade, so what they’re doing is using the same amount which is actually not, it’s more potent so it’s actually killing them,” said Sheriff Ray Dudley, with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives say the driver, 22-year-old Charity Albertson was trying to hide some heroin in her bra. The passenger, 23-year-old Kevin Wallace Junior allegedly had the bag of fentanyl laced heroin on him.

“We found drugs and paraphernalia in the trunk, the rear compartment area, as well as the front compartment area,” said Sheriff Dudley.

Unfortunately, authorities are seeing more and more drug buys involving the fentanyl-laced heroin.

“It’s like any drug dealer; drug dealers try to make their product a little better. It’s like anything we have; everybody tries to make their product a little better so they will get repeat more customers. I believe that’s what they’re trying to do here,” said Sheriff Dudley.

The fentanyl-laced heroin does have a little different color compared to the pure heroin.  Even if the users do notice it, most of the time it doesn’t matter.

“They don’t care. They just want their fix. They’re high and they’re so gone on this stuff they don’t care what the color is,” said Sheriff Dudley.

Investigators believe the two suspects were leaving Indianapolis on their way to Muncie. The 33-gram bag of fentanyl-laced heron would’ve been split up and sold to so many users, who may have never lived to see past that hit.

“This amount that we got off the streets is roughly about 100 buys so potentially we saved about 100 lives,” said Sheriff Dudley.

Used and unused needles, a gun and marijuana were also seized from the vehicle. Both suspects are facing dealing and possession charges.


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