Veterans entitled to benefits they may not know about

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There are close to 22 million U.S. veterans in this country and many are entitled to a benefit they may not know about: the veteran’s aid and attendance benefit.

“They are eligible for money, a stipend that gets paid to them monthly.  They can use that to pay for care,” says Jeff Gronemeyer, with American Senior Communities.  “It can pay for in-home services like, bathing, dressing, driving, cooking, medication reminders and various things along those lines.”

But vets first need to know about the benefit. That’s why there are teams of folks dedicated to sorting it out at American Senior Communities.

“The veterans benefit becomes a financial resource for them to get those services that they deserve.”

There is a catch. The veteran has to fill out an extensive application and it may take up to four months to process.

“The application is long; you have to have discharge records, a lot of different things, and certification from doctors. Those all have to say the right thing and show the right things,” says Gronemeyer.

The VA hospital lets veterans know about the benefit. American Senior Communities like the Zionsville Meadows, hosts dinners to explain what this benefit provides.  Gronemeyer says if you served 90 consecutive days in any branch of the military and one day of that time was during an actual war, you may be eligible.

“The earlier you apply the better.  And they can help follow your application package through the process, update it, and make sure it’s getting off that desk and onto the next one.”

For more information on the veterans aid and attendance benefit click here.

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