Chicago officer stripped of badge after allegedly stomping on Shaquille O’Neal’s head

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CHICAGO, IL – A police officer in Chicago has been stripped of his badge after a video surfaced which allegedly shows him kicking a suspect in the head.

Shaquille O’Neal, 24, was being arrested by an officer in plain clothes. The video reportedly shows O’Neal appearing to grab the officer’s throat. A second officer arrived at the scene and called for back-up. O’Neal continues to resist, and then the second officer appears to stomp on O’Neal’s head. After the stomp, O’Neal’s body then goes limp.

“You clearly have a police officer using excessive force, stomping him in the head at least twice that I’ve seen, and then in order to cover what they’ve done they add charges like aggravated battery and resisting arrest,” O’Neal’s attorney Michael Oppenheimer told FOX32.

The officer in the video was placed on desk duty while the incident is investigated, the Chicago Police Department announced.

“After careful consideration and reviewing the video footage, Superintendent Johnson has decided to relieve one of the officers involved in the incident that occurred on the 3900 block of West Grenshaw of his police powers while IPRA investigates the case,” CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement issued Tuesday.

O’Neal was released from police custody on Wednesday, and he will not face criminal charges, according to FOX32.


4 Fast Facts

  • An officer allegedly stomped on a suspect’s head.
  • The incident was caught on video.
  • The officer was stripped of his badge.
  • The suspect was released without charges.

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