Brief break in heat before it returns for the weekend

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A much needed nice day around central Indiana to allow us to dry out.  Temperatures topped out in the upper 70°s to middle 80°s today.  Officially, Indianapolis had a high of 84°.

Heat is building through the central United States.  Record high temperatures were set from Colorado to Missouri Thursday afternoon.

WTTV Heat Advisories

Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories are in effect in 18 states while the heat stays turned "on" for several more days.

The heat will begin to move towards central Indiana for the second half of the weekend.  An upper-level high is strengthening in the central Plains and the desert southwest of the United States.

Projected position of upper-level hot dome 12pm Monday.

Projected position of upper-level hot dome 12pm Monday.

The dome of hot air is expected to move east and bring the season's warmest air (to date) to central Indiana Monday.  Currently, we are forecasting a high of 94° Monday.  But as the saying goes, "Its not the heat. Its the humidity".  Humidity will likely increase Monday - dew points in the upper 60°s - which will take the heat index to 98°-100°.

A cold front is projected to move south through the state Tuesday, bringing a chance for rain, but also wringing out the humidity.

Dew Point Forecast - NOW and 3 Day - Auto Days - ECMWF

Before the heat gets here, we should have nice weather for the next 48 hours.  Dew points - the measure of the moisture in the air - will drop Friday and remain in check Saturday.  Notice in the above graphic, the dew point (humidity) begins to creep up Sunday.

As previously mentioned, a cold front is projected to pass Tuesday.  Ahead and along the front, showers and thunderstorms will likely develop.  If you don't get rain Tuesday, it may be your last chance for rain over the next 10-12 days.

7 Day PM


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