Police tell man to remove dog from city because of pit bull ban

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

4 Fast Facts

  • A man’s picture of his newly adopted dog went viral.
  • Police showed up at the man’s house and told him his dog violated the pit bull ban.
  • The man says the dog isn’t even a pit bull — it’s an American Bulldog.
  • The city told the owner to remove his dog from the city by today or receive a citation.

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, MI – A Michigan man is fighting a case of “mistaken identity” after police claim his dog is a pit bull and thusly violated the city’s pit bull ban.

Dan Tillery adopted Sir Wiggleton from the Detroit Dog Rescue last week. Sir Wiggleton was in the shelter for almost 100 days, so naturally the dog smiled wide when he finally arrived at his new home.

The celebratory picture was shared thousands of times and made national news last week.

Tillery and his new dog (now renamed Diggy) are making national news again, but unfortunately, this time it isn’t for a very happy reason.

Tillery told FOX2 that police showed up at his house and told him he needed to get rid of the dog because of the city’s pit bull ban.

“Somebody complained about the dog in the neighborhood. We responded to it and we determined that the dog met the criteria of the ordinance in terms of not being allowed in the township,” Waterford Township Police Lt Scott Good told FOX2.

But according to Tillery and the Detroit Dog Rescue, Diggy isn’t even a pit bull – he’s an American Bulldog. The Detroit Dog Rescue says they even called the city to make sure it was okay for Dan to adopt the dog.

“I follow the rules. I follow the law. I want to keep Diggy,” Tillery said. “I just believes it starts from bitterness. The dog has been smiling and licking face since his existence here.”

The city insists that Diggy is a violation of their dangerous dog/pit bull ordinance. For that reason, Diggy will have to leave the city or Tillery could be fined $500.

The city has had the ordinance for years , and it states that it’s the officers discretion to decide whether or not the dog is a pit bull.

According to a press release, if Diggy isn’t out of the city by today, Tillery will receive a citation. Tillery says he will fight the citation because it is a case of mistaken identity.

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