Police: Suspect accused in ax-wielding Macy’s theft boasted about it, tried to sell jewelry to coworkers

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4 Fast Facts

  • Police make arrest after smash-and-grab at Glendale Macy's
  • Court documents say suspect bragged about theft to coworkers
  • He also tried to sell some of the stolen jewelry, police say
  • Suspect faces charges of theft and possession of marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police made an arrest in connection with a shocking smash-and-grab robbery at a central Indiana Macy’s store.

The robbery happened May 3 at Macy’s in Glendale. Surveillance video showed the thieves hack their way into a glass case with an ax before stealing jewelry from the display. The theft took just a few seconds to pull off, and customers were inside when it happened.

The thieves got away with $150,000 in diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, a loss prevention investigator from Macy’s said.

David Weaver (left) and Nicole Kight (right)

David Weaver (left) and Nicole Kight (right)

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan police, David Weaver and Nicole Kight were arrested on May 20. Weaver had some merchandise from the theft with him in the form of three rings worth at least $15,000, police said.

The rings matched some of the merchandise stolen from the store during the May 3 robbery.

According to court documents, police received tips that Weaver had bragged about the theft and was trying to sell the stolen jewelry to other employees at the Caito food plant where he works. Weaver even sent photos for the stolen merchandise, police said.

The jewelry in the photos had labels and packaging that were consistent with what Macy’s uses for its jewelry. Macy’s loss prevention investigator told police the rings were “definitely rings stolen from Macy’s.”

Another witness said Weaver showed everyone video of the theft from a local news channel on his phone. He would “never deny” his involvement if he was asked, witnesses said.

When investigators arrived at Weaver’s apartment, they smelled marijuana. Weaver and his girlfriend, Kight, were inside. Police served a search warrant on May 20 and found numerous marijuana pipes and cigarettes throughout the apartment as well as three rings that were hidden in a purple bag. A blue hoodie was also recovered matching that of one worn by one of the thieves seen in the video, police said.

Police said Weaver admitted he “smokes a lot of weed” but denied stealing the jewelry. He told investigators someone came to his house with a bag of jewelry and told him to try to sell it. Weaver said he wasn’t successful in the endeavor and gave the jewelry back except for the three rings.

When asked why everyone at work thought he was responsible for the Macy’s theft, Weaver didn’t have an answer. He was arrested on charges of theft and possession of marijuana.

Kight, Weaver’s girlfriend, was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana. She’s not currently charged in connection with the Macy’s theft.

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