Furr Pet Spa and Wellness in Chatham Arch

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4 Things You Need to Know about Furr Pet Spa & Wellness

  • Chatham Arch neighborhood, not far from Mass Ave (909 N. East Street, Indy)
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Pet Care Membership Rewards Program
  • Prices vary by breed & size

Click here to check out Furr Pet Spa & Wellness on Yelp Indy.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind - CBS4 This Morning continues our Nicole in Your Neighborhood series with Yelp to give you an inside look at local businesses in our community.  Anchor Nicole Pence will bring you a new feature story every Wednesday on CBS4 This Morning.

This week, Nicole shows us a popular business in the pet pampering industry. Leading the pack is a spot that treats your pooch to blueberry facials, massages, oatmeal baths and more!  Furr Pet Spa & Wellness is off East Street in the Chatham Arch neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis.

"We are a full service grooming salon," explains Ashley Wiley at Furr Pet Spa & Wellness.

Furr Pet Spa & Wellness is focused on making sure you pet looks and feels good.

"Wellness is a huge aspect of grooming. In addition to baths and grooming they get we do a complimentary wellness check, free of charge. We check eyes, ears teeth and skin to make sure physically doing well since most pets and pet owners don’t go to the vet more than once a year," says Wiley.

Groomers at Furr Pet Spa & Wellness then share that report with the vet team at Mass Ave Animal Clinic. If the vet notices something wrong, they will diagnosis your pet on-site.

"Wellness aspect can unearth any problems that the owners area not aware of," says Wiley.

All the products - the shampoo, conditioner, and even the blueberry facial mask - are pet-friendly, created by a veterinarian and hypo-allergenic.

"One of the top things that Yelpers love about this business is that it is really clean, " explains Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy.

Smith says Yelpers also like how easy it is to make an appointment for their pet. Walk-ins are also welcome. The online Yelp Indy reviews also highlight the variety of services, including a shedding treatment and a deep sea mineral mud scrub or teeth brushing.

If you live downtown and don't want to wash your pet inside your apartment, Yelpers can try the self-service washing stations.

"They can bring their dog in for $15 and wash a dog in one of their washing stations without making a mess in your own home!" explains Smith.

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Click here to find Furr Pet Spa & Wellness on Facebook.

Click here to Furr Pet Spa & Wellness on Twitter.

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