Henry County man caught cooking meth in truck during police chase

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. -- A Henry County man was arrested after being caught red handed cooking meth during a police chase.

State police and the Henry County Sheriff's Office were investigating the man, Michael Cunningham, on Main Street in Knightstown, when he sped off.

After a short chase, officers pulled the man from his truck and a one-pot meth lab, which was actively making the drug, fell to the ground.

“Anytime meth is being made, it’s very dangerous.  It’s explosive whether it’s being made in a home or in the woods or vehicle.  It’s dangerous,” said a state trooper who asked not to be identified.

State police say the bust illustrates a much larger issue of mobile so called one-pot meth labs.

According to the numbers, multiple meth labs are busted every day across the state.  Most are simply plastic bottle filled with dangerous chemicals.

The crime is quick, easy and very dangerous.

So far this year in the Pendleton district, which covers just over a half dozen counties including Henry County, there have been 118 meth lab busts.

The vast majority are the one pot labs.

“That’s the most prevalent.  There are a couple ways to make meth but the one pot is the most common that we’ve seen,” said the trooper.

Because most of the states meth labs are little more than plastic bottles filled with dangerous chemicals that also poses a risk to the general public.

State police deal with calls all the time regarding one pot labs being found along roads in a ditch and in parking lots.

Investigators say people should never pick up the bottles, because they could explode.

“It’s a hazard for everybody involved,” said the trooper.

Court records shows the suspect in Henry County was also wanted on a warrant out of Hancock County following a previous domestic battery case.

A search of his home turned up a larger meth lab and more drug making chemicals.

State police say the number of busts in the Pendleton district this year are very close to the numbers seen last year, so the problem isn't going away.

As for the suspect in Henry County, he is facing a variety of criminal charges.

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