Weekend ends with sunshine; heat and humidity returns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sunshine returns to central Indiana Sunday.  With more sunshine, temperatures will be a few degrees warmer - highs will be in the middle/upper 70°s.

Forecast high temperatures for Sunday.

Forecast high temperatures for Sunday.

North-northwesterly winds will be gusty at time, up to 20-25mph, through the afternoon.


We keep our eyes trained on what the weather may be for race day.  For several days, long range computer models have suggested rain for race day.  Not all day rain, but afternoon/evening rain.

12z ECMWF 500mb w Precip Rate

Upper-level winds and precipitation rate for Sunday, May 29.

Last week I wrote about what ensemble computer models suggested for race day.  Looking at computer model ensemble runs from this morning shows much of the same.  The European computer model ensemble shows twenty-one of the fifty ensemble members show rain falling in central Indiana from 8am-2pm May 29.  From 2pm-8pm May 29, thirty-four of the fifty members (68%) have rain falling in central Indiana.  (For more on ensemble computer models, click on the above link to the article I wrote last week.)

As far as how much rain could fall on race day, data is relatively consistent.  The European computer model suggests 0.18" of rain from noon until 8pm.  The GFS computer model suggests 0.18" of rain falling from 5pm Sunday through 2am Monday.

Please keep in mind, there will be anywhere from twelve to thirty additional computer model runs between now and race day.  In other words, we will continue to fine tune the forecast as we go throughout the week.

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