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Quack Daddy Donuts in Pendleton

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

4 Things You Need to Know about Quack Daddy Donuts

  • Downtown Pendleton, less than 5 minutes off I-69
  • Build-Your-Own doughnut menu with several frosting and topping combinations to chose from
  • Open mornings Monday-Thursday, all day Friday & Saturday and closed on Sunday
  • Don't forget to dunk your doughnut in chocolate milk in a frosty mug

Click here to check out Quack Daddy Donuts on Yelp Indy.

PENDLETON, Ind. - CBS4 This Morning continues our Nicole in Your Neighborhood series with Yelp to give you an inside look at local businesses in our community.  Anchor Nicole Pence will bring you a new feature story every Wednesday on CBS4 This Morning.

This week, Nicole goes beyond the doughnut trend to a hands-on, build-your-own doughnut shop in Pendleton.

"Pendleton in the last year has seen a lot of local food growth," explained Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy.

Quack Daddy Donuts opened on West State Street in January. Local attorneys Bryan and Lisa Williams own the doughnut shop.

"We wanted to create a place where families could come in, kids hang out and people have meetings," said Bryan.

The couple got the idea after visiting a similar doughnut shop in Florida. The name is a nod to the "residents" in the local park.

"In Pendleton, if you go through Falls Park just a couple blocks from here, there are ducks everywhere!"

Every vanilla cake doughnut is made to order, fast and hot. Customers pick the icing and toppings and can order as many doughnuts as they want.

"Yelpers love this place because it`s known for being family friendly," Smith said.

In addition, Smith said Yelpers give Quack Daddy Donuts high reviews. Customers especially like following along the assembly line.

The online reviews highlight the overall experience and community atmosphere. The motto at Quack Daddy Donuts is, "It's not just about the donuts!"

The most popular combinations are maple icing with bacon and strawberry icing with Fruity Pebbles. And Hoosiers always pair their doughnut with a frosty mug of chocolate milk.

"They love the frosted chocolate milk. In the Yelp reviews, that is one of the top things that stands out," Smith said.

Each doughnut costs $1.25 apiece or $13 for a dozen.

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Click here to find Quack Daddy Donuts on Facebook

Click here for their Twitter page





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