Showers and thunderstorms to end work week

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After widespread morning rain, thunderstorms flared up this afternoon bringing gusty winds, heavy downpours and flashes of lightning to parts of central Indiana.

This was the view from Morse Reservoir Thursday afternoon.

You can see the clouds building prior to the thunderstorm passing.  Immediately ahead of the storm, winds started to gust, likely 35-50mph.  Then the rain hit.  At the end of the video, you can see clouds breaking and the sun popping out which was the case in much of central Indiana.  The breaks in the clouds lead to rainbows being spotted all over the area.


An area of low pressure is centered over northeast Missouri this evening.  On the front side of the low, showers and thunderstorms are plentiful.

WTTV Default

Several more waves of rain will pass through central Indiana over the next twenty-four hours.  Our latest high-resolution computer model suggests another wave moving in to central Indiana around 10pm Thursday.


Rain will again be possible Friday.  The best chance for rain during the first half of the day should be from Indianapolis and south.

18z 4km-12km RPM DMA

Skies should be mainly cloudy during the day, however even with clouds temperatures should be able to get in to the lower to middle 60°s by early afternoon.  This could lead to rain developing throughout the state.  Even a few thunderstorms will be possible by late afternoon.

18z 4km-12km RPM DMA2

By late afternoon and early evening, clouds should begin to break over northwestern Indiana as the area of low pressure moves out of the state.  This could lead to sunshine breaking out before the sun sets.


Mother Nature is doing her best to bring great weather for weekends lately.  That continues this weekend as we should see sunny skies Saturday and Sunday and warmer temperatures.  Highs should be around 70° Saturday and pushing 80° Sunday.

7 Day PM

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