Student accused of recording women while they showered at Indiana University

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Donte Montague

4 Fast Facts

  • Donte Mantague charged with two counts of voyeurism
  • He’s accused of recording women while they showered
  • Incidents happened in Wright Quad at Indiana University
  • Montague admitted to the recordings when police questioned him

Update (December 15, 2016): Donte Montague pleaded guilty to both counts, and he will serve a one year on home detention followed by three years of probation.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (April 21, 2016) – Police arrested a man accused of using his cell phone to record video of women showering in dormitory bathrooms at Indiana University.

Donte Montague faces two counts of voyeurism in connection with the case.

According to court documents, a woman was taking a shower at Wright-Harding in Wright Quad on April 2 when she noticed a cell phone recording her. She screamed, and the man stopped. The woman said the phone was not an iPhone.

On April 11, another woman said she was using the shower in a bathroom at Wright-Harding when the same thing happened to her. She screamed, “What are you doing!” and the person left. The woman said the phone was a Samsung Galaxy.

Police reviewed security footage on April 12 for the April 11 incident; no security footage was available for the April 2 case. Police saw a man wandering around the dorm before the second incident occurred. The man held a cell phone in his left hand and wore a North Face fleece with a blue “Culture of Care” t-shirt underneath.

A staff member at Wright Quad reported seeing a man wearing that same shirt; police identified him as Donte Montague.

Police questioned Montague on April 15. He admitted he’d recorded women in the Wright Quad showers on several occasions, including on April 11. He said he saved the videos on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and downloaded them on a laptop.

Police searched both devices and found videos showing women showering. They were unaware that they were being recorded, and the videos looked like they’d been taken at Wright Quad, police said.

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