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Cars used as battering rams to break into east side business

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 14, 2016) -- Two times in the last three weeks, thieves have used cars as battering rams to break into one east side business. Both times, the suspects used a stolen car to commit the crime.

The vehicular smash-and-grabs took place at City Gear in the 4400 block of east 10th street.

The back door was a mangled mess after being smashed not once but twice. Three weeks ago, in the middle of the night, someone smashed a stolen pickup truck into the back of the east side business which sells urban street wear.

This week, the back door is boarded up yet again after thieves committed the same crime, this time using a stolen van.

“It’s just crazy. That’s stuff you see in the movies. Too much television watching by the suspects I believe,” said Ashunti Taylor.

People like Ashunti, who work and shop around the city gear store, are surprised at the brazen nature of the thefts. In both break-ins, surveillance video shows the suspects wearing all black stealing expensive shoes before fleeing the business on foot.

“Once they break into the back door with the car, they break-in and steal a couple boxes of shoes and then they leave,” said IMPD Sgt. Catherine Cummings.

In a third case last month, dramatic surveillance video recorded a car smashing through the front of Hang Time, a business on the northwest side which sells the same type of urban street wear.

In that case a team of ten thieves then stormed inside ripping off thousands of dollars in apparel.

Outside City Gear, heavy metal poles have now been installed to try and prevent any more smash-and-grabs.

Police are still investigating whether the crimes involve the same suspects.

“We are looking into the possibility they’re related. Whether it’s same people or the same group of people, it’s certainly a possibility. We can’t confirm it’s the same group, but we are looking into that,” said Cummings.

Police do not yet have surveillance video of the City Gear break-ins to put out to the public. Anyone with information on any of the thefts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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