As weather gets warmer IMPD and Marion County Prosecutor talk Monon Trail safety

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND – As the weather gets warmer, the Monon Trail becomes even more crowded. Dozens of bikers, joggers, and walkers enjoying the beautiful weather while exercising and clearing their minds. But, safety needs to remain everyone’s top priority.

“Use your brain, be especially alert at night and just pay attention to your surroundings and have fun,” says a runner.

Trail users do not have to think back too far to remember the recent Monon Trail attacks. Police say the crooks approach people while they are in a secluded area of the trail and attack them. Steal their money, ID, keys, and any other valuables they can find. Then, they flee the scene.

In just a few days IMPD North District, Marion County Prosecutors office, and other community leaders and groups are hosting a Monon Trail Safety workshop to prevent crime and injuries on the Monon Trail. The meeting is on Tuesday, April 12th at the Indianapolis Arts Center. IMPD will review basic safety tips. Like reminding you to avoid wearing headphones and not carry large amounts of cash. Officers say everyone should avoid traveling alone and should have their cell phone handy if they need to call for help.

“I do come out here with the kids, I usually try and do that in the afternoon. I’m not on the trail in the early mornings when it is dark outside and I don’t come out here in the evening, for safety reasons,” says a walker.

Many trail users say they don’t feel unsafe on the Monon, but are happy police are starting the conversation early to avoid future attacks.

“I come out here about 225 days of the year, even when it is cold outside. I bike to work on the Monon too and I have never had an issue either way,” says a trail user.

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