Central Indiana under High Wind Warning starting at 4 a.m. Sunday

CBS4 in Ohio: Hoosiers watch as neighbors vote in critical primary between Trump and Kasich

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UNION CITY, Ohio (March 15, 2016) – All eyes are on several key primary states Tuesday, including  Ohio where Gov. John Kasich is looking to derail some momentum from GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

CBS4 traveled to Union City, Ohio, just across the street from its twin city, Union City, Indiana.

“Well as you know as an Indiana resident, it would be pretty hard to judge,” Jim Bretz said, a resident of Union City, Indiana. “I don’t know Kasich that well.”

One-by-one, Ohio voters in this small town of just more than 1,600 residents cast their ballots, helping to tell a much larger election story.

“Well it’s really important,” Phil Detamore said, who voted Tuesday. “We really only have one candidate from either party that’s capable of being president – John Kasich.”

If Kasich wins his home state, and the 66 winner-take-all delegates, it would help block Trump from clinching the majority of delegates needed before the convention.

The thought is what prompted lifelong Democrat Terry Robison to vote Republican.

“The Democratic party, who I wanted to get it, is going to get it anyway,” he said. “And the Republican, I didn’t want Trump.”

What’s unclear is if any crossovers will have an impact. But leading up to Tuesday, numerous Ohio counties reported hundreds of past Democratic voters requesting Republican absentee ballots.

“Well Trump’s the guy,” Bretz said, wishing he was voting Tuesday. “He’s got to go all the way.”

Bretz still isn’t sure if Indiana’s primary in May will matter.

But Tuesday night could very well help determine that answer, by his neighbors and their governor across the street.

“Of course I’m in business over there in Indiana and I get a lot of Buckeye customers,” Bretz said. “And they say my God I’m not going to vote for him, you know?”

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is looking for an upset much like he did in Michigan, although Hillary Clinton has maintained a lead in the polls.

Polls in Ohio close at 7:30 p.m.

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