A look back at Peyton Manning’s best commercials: ‘Football on your phone,’ ‘chicken parm’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

From “laser rocket arm” to “football on your phone,” Peyton Manning made fans laugh as one of the NFL’s most visible pitchmen.

Manning showed some real comedic chops and even hosted Saturday Night Live during a memorable episode in 2007. In one sketch, he parodied his “nice guy” persona in a fake commercial for United Way.

So as No. 18 decides to step away from the game that made him a household name, it’s only fitting to take a look back at some of his most memorable performances.

This Sprint commercial gave us the phrase “laser rocket arm” as Manning, donning a wig and killer mustache, touted the benefits of NFL Mobile.

It’s hard to believe that this Double Stuf Racing League thing actually happened. Peyton brought his brother Eli into this ad, in which the brothers announce plans to become “two-sport stars.” The second sport? The Double Stuf Racing League, in which the Manning Brothers eat Oreo cookies, to the embarrassment of their parents.

Manning owned MasterCard commercials for a few seasons, giving fans memorable lines like “cut that meat.” In some of the commercials, Manning played the “fan,” celebrating working people by cheering them on as fans would cheer on athletes.

In another, Manning proved he’s terrible at giving Christmas gifts, presenting longtime center Jeff Saturday with what’s clearly a football in wrapping paper and imploring his teammate to guess what it is.

In “Football on Your Phone,” Peyton once again brought in Eli and also convinced his father, Archie, to come along for a cameo. The brothers, dressed in ridiculous costumes, sang about DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, which gave you “football on your phone.”

The follow-up to that video, Fantasy Football Fantasy, wasn’t quite as well received but was still a worthy effort.

In a Gatorade ad, Peyton and Eli tell a pair of students they’ll have to “sweat” in order to get some Gatorade after a vending machine fails to dispense the sports drink.

More recently, Manning has gotten into our heads with a jingle for Nationwide. Who can forget “chicken parm you taste so good?”

Peyton also starred in a commercial for DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, introducing variations of himself including “really high voice Peyton Manning” and “Skinny Legs Peyton Manning.”

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