Former Pacers player Scot Pollard competing in ‘Survivor’ this season

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 24, 2016)-- If you are a Pacers fan, then you have probably heard of Scot Pollard.  If you’re a Survivor fan, a show that airs Wedesday nights on CBS4, you might just be getting to know him. Either way, he’s rekindled my interest in the hit show which has been going on for 32 seasons.

Back to Scot. First, he’s big: seven feet tall and 300 pounds. He lives in Carmel and is a divorced dad, but very much involved in his children’s upbringing. He’s remarried and expecting a baby soon. He lives near his ex-wife and children, so he can be a part of their lives. I think that’s terrific.

He sat down for an interview with CBS4 recently and revealed he’s a Mormon-- explains the devotion to his family. I should mention though he was raised in that religion, he doesn’t practice. He’s moving his mother to Carmel and says he’s very much looking forward to having her around his kids.

Scot was approached to do Survivor six years ago, but the time wasn’t right. He regretted that decision and found friends of friends of the show and lobbied hard to get a second chance. Well he got it, and off to Cambodia he went.

He admits it was tough being away from his family and wife. During his time there he thought a lot about becoming a dad again and what do you know, his wife is pregnant. He’s calling his soon-to-be-born son a Survivor baby.

Anyway, Scot Pollard has thought a lot about strategy for the show. He’s certainly strong and fits in perfectly with the Brawn Team.

I hope you’ll watch Scot in Survivor. He’s a great guy to get behind.

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