Thieves go through secure parking lot entrance to break into cars

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 15, 2016) - Residents are cleaning up the mess after thieves broke into multiple cars in a parking lot at a near north side apartment complex.

According to police reports, five cars were vandalized sometime early Monday morning near 21st and Meridian Streets. Residents woke up to find shattered glass covering the parking lot ground and windows busted out.

A plastic tarp now covers where the thieves busted into Ruoxin Wang's car. She said the suspect rummaged through the compartments and glove box. Her GPS was stolen.

"There were clear evidence that my whole car was searched," Wang said.

The suspect also tried to break into Meredith Dover's car. Dover said someone tried to chisel their way through her driver side window.

"I just don't have anything to take. I have dirty Kleenexes and an ice scraper," Dover joked.

She said the damage to her car is a minor inconvenience. What concerns her most is the security she feels was broken. The apartment complex is gated. To get inside, you must have a code or key. There's a also a high wall that would be difficult for anyone to get over.

“What I do worry about is my personal security. If somebody can get into the parking lot, what’s to stop them from breaking a door and getting into the building?" Dover questioned.

Workers at the apartment complex said security cameras didn't capture any suspects. They're planning on adding more cameras and additional security.

Police have not said if there are any suspects.

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