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Peyton Manning says he’s still weighing retirement decision: ‘I’m very much at peace about it’

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(Feb. 8, 2016) – If Peyton Manning has made a decision about his future, he’s not sharing it with anyone.

Manning appeared on CBS This Morning, saying he was still relishing the Broncos’ win in Super Bowl 50 and hadn’t slept yet.

He said he was grateful he didn’t have to play against the fierce Denver Broncos defense. He was also questioned if he would listen to his mother, who told the L.A. Times she’d like to see him retire. Manning said he hadn’t discussed his future with anyone.

“I’ll certainly talk about it with (my wife) Ashley and I’ll pray about it to the big man upstairs.”

Manning said he was “up all night” and running purely on adrenaline.

“I’m very much at peace about it,” he said regarding whatever transpires.

“It was a very special night,” he said. “I’ve had a chance to be part of a Super Bowl team 10 years ago in Indianapolis, and I remember how special that game was and the celebration. It’s not something that you want to rush through. You want to embrace it all, so I’ve done that tonight.”

Manning said he and Demarcus Ware addressed the team before the game, giving them a chance to recall the major moments from the season and thank them for coming along on the journey.

“Walking out on that field during the pregame warm-ups, it was about as beautiful a setting as you could possibly imagine,” he said. “To play in it, I felt so honored and grateful.”

Manning also appeared on the Today Show, where he was asked about the exchange he had with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after the game. No. 18 said he congratulated Newton on a great season and said he understood what it’s like being on the losing end. While Manning has won Super Bowls with the Colts and Broncos, he’s also lost one with each team.

Also on Today, Manning reflected on his 200 wins and discussed a conversation he shared with former Indianapolis Colts coach and soon-to-be Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Tony Dungy.

“When I think about those 200 wins, I think about all the teammates and coaches that I played with. One of those coaches, Tony Dungy, who just got announced he’s going into the Hall of Fame, called me last week and said, ‘Hey I need to talk to you. Do me a favor, I’m still your coach, do not make an emotional decision right after the game.’”

Manning said Dungy told him he’d talked to coaches who’ve made a hasty decision after a big game and regretted it. Despite repeated prodding about his future, Manning wouldn’t say outright if he planned to retire.

“I’m going to follow my coach’s advice and enjoy this Super Bowl victory and celebrate with my family and friends. I’ll keep doing it for a few more weeks, and then at the appropriate time, I think I’ll make a decision.”

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