Woman confronts officer for excessive speeding

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(February 1, 2016) – A driver in Miami switched roles with an officer over the weekend when she caught him excessively speeding. According to WSVN, Claudia Castillo was running an errand for work last Friday when a squad car sped by her.

“He passed me with so much speed, so much force, that my vehicle shook,” she told WSVN.

So Castillo followed him and began recording the officer as he continued to speed without his emergency lights on.

The officer eventually noticed Castillo was following him, so he pulled over because he thought there was an emergency. But once the officer approached her car, she gave him a piece of her mind.

Castillo recorded the conversation, and she can be heard saying in the video: “The reason I pulled you over today, and I’m asking you to come over and have a conversation, is because I saw you since Miller Drive when you were first jumping onto the Palmetto, and you were pushing 90 miles an hour.”

The officer, later identified as Miami-Dade Police Officer Daniel Fonticiella, told Castillo, “I don’t know how fast I was going, but I can tell you this: I’m on my way to work right now. I don’t believe I was speeding, but, like I said, you’re entitled to your opinion.”

Fonticiella reassured Castillo that he will slow down from now on.

Castillo said her intention for sharing the video isn’t to cast a bad light on officers. “They’re not bad guys, but they are held to certain principles, and they should uphold those principles,” said Castillo.

Miami-Dade police released the following statement to WSVN following the incident: “We take all complaints seriously. In this case, the officer’s chain of command will investigate the matter and take the appropriate course of action. We also take this opportunity to remind the public that we have a complaint process in place. We prefer that no one places themselves or the community at risk in an attempt to capture alleged misconduct.”

Additionally, investigators say Castillo will not be reprimanded for speeding in order to catch up with the officer. She says she only reached 80 miles per hour once, and she says she was able to record the incident because her phone was mounted on her vehicle.

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