Eighth grader with special needs takes full advantage of his time to shine

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PENDLETON, Ind. (Jan.30, 2016)–The eight grade student manager for the Pendleton Heights Middle School is now the big man on campus after he stole the show during the team's last home game.

Akshdeep Singh, who has special needs, played about 90 seconds last Wednesday during the team's game against Mt. Vernon Middle School and made every second count. He ended the game with eight points and two steals.

“I’m pretty good," Singh said while describing his performance.

Singh made four of his five shots, and with each basket that fell, the cheers grew louder.

“It blew my mind that he could consistently hit that shot," Pendleton Middle School Assistant Basketball Coach Michael Joyce said.

"(Coach Joyce) would turn  around and look at me and we both were just kind of like 'Wow,'" Pendleton Middle School Head Basketball Coach Rick Ellsworth said. "We were getting excited and the kids on the bench were so excited and the fans and crowd were yelling and screaming.”

After his time on the court was done, Singh was welcomed back on the bench like a legend.

“They were about to tackle me," Singh said. "(It was )like once a team scores a buzzer beater and the bench players you know just run out and tackle the player that shot the buzzer beater."

Singh is known around the school for asking people for high fives, but after the game on Wednesday, the tables turned.

“One hundred girls came up to me and they wanted to give me high fives," Singh said.

One of his teachers, Abby Whittington, said you could notice a little more confidence in Singh's step Thursday morning.

"He knows everyone has seen him and seen his video, and he’s pretty proud of that," Whittington said. "I think this is his dream come true."

To see the full video of Singh's appearance in the game click here. 

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