Word of Spierer investigation spreads quickly through Bloomington, IU community

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Jan. 28, 2016) -- The city of Bloomington and the Indiana University community have been waiting for news in the Lauren Spierer case for years and word quickly spread about the latest investigation Thursday.

Students told CBS4 that it hadn't taken long for the news of a search in Martinsville connected to Spierer's case to ripple across campus.

"I read it and was actually really sad," student Sophia Wickersham said.

For current and former students alike, the possibility that a break has come in the case provided mixed emotions.

"I’m kind of excited. I hope they find her for her family," former student Mackenzie Eppley said.

TIMELINE | Major developments in case of missing IU student Lauren Spierer

Spierer's disappearance isn't as big a topic on campus as it once was, partly because many students were still in high school at the time. Still, Wickersham said she was very familiar with the case.

"I know about it mostly because I (have) older siblings who (went) here," Wickersham said.

Freshman Kayla Knox, though, said she wasn't sure that some of the new students have paid as much attention.

"I know as freshmen come in, people haven’t heard about it, so that’s concerning to me," Knox said.

What everyone did agree on, though, was that closure in the case would be welcome, especially for a community that has dealt with other tragedy since Spierer disappeared.

"If we can find her that would be awesome and I think a lot of students would feel a lot better about it too," Knox said.

"I hope it brings the family some comfort and just calming in the situation they’re in," Wickersham said.

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