Topgolf location approved for Fishers in unanimous vote

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 19, 2016) – The City of Fishers teed up another big investment in the area as the mayor’s new plan for a Topgolf location was approved through a unanimous vote by the City Council Tuesday night.

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness announced the plan Monday, but went into more detail Tuesday. The Topgolf location will be located along 116th street near Cumberland Road. This is the same area where IKEA announced opening a location in 2017 and the Governor has plans for rebuilding the I-465/I-69 Interchange.

“I would characterize it as a driving range on steroids,” said Mayor Fadness. “We put our best foot forward and really excited today to say that they are coming to Fishers.”

Topgolf, a Dallas-based company, chose Fishers in order to build a three-story, 60,000 square foot facility.  The company advertises that Topgolf locations are a place for both families and corporations to eat, drink and of course swing the golf club. ​ The location is slated to open in the Spring of 2017.

“At least from the Mayor’s office, we think that this is accretive to our vision and a smart investment in our community,” said Mayor Fadness.

The latest business addition is on par with the Mayor’s plan to grow Fishers. However, residents we spoke to today are hesitant about the rapid commercial growth.

“It’s one of those things that is a short-term loss for a long-term gain,” said Chris Evans, a resident of Fishers.

After the IKEA announcement and Gov. Mike Pence’s plan to pour an extra $50 million into the Interchanges around Fishers, the big concern for residents is traffic.

“There’s the traffic issue obviously,” said Ian Illig, another resident of Fishers.  “I think that’s going to come with any awesome thing that comes and brings a lot of people to town.”

Fadness says he understands the concern.

“As for the infrastructure improvements that we’re making, we do think that will mitigate some of the impacts on our commuters in terms of traffic congestion,” said Fadness. “What we’re trying to do is create an environment in Fishers where people can work in fishers and live in fishers without having the commute every morning to somewhere else.


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