SPECIAL COVERAGE: 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500

Dangerously cold temperatures keeping INDOT’s Hoosier Helpers very busy on the interstate

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 19, 2016)-- You can count on the Hoosier Helpers to be there when you need them.

“I have my jumper cables right here ready to go,” said Hoosier Helper Chris Lowery.

Like when your car quits on you in dangerously cold temperatures-- leaving you stuck on the side of the road.

“Most people are happy we are here to help,” said Lowery.

The highly-skilled Good Samaritan teams employed under the Indiana Department of Transportation assist stranded motorists on Indiana interstates. The crews make around 2,000 stops a month.

“During the extreme weather cars tend to fail,” said Lowery.

Each Hoosier Helper drives a special vehicle filled with any auto tool you can think of. Each crew member ready to fix a slew of car troubles including dead batteries, a busted alternator or frozen fuel lines.

“Condensation freezes in the tank and it drips down into the fuel. Since water is heavier than gas, it will get down into the lines and freeze,” said Lowery.

As the temperatures continue to drop, the crews are seeing more people pulled over on the side of the road with car problems.

“People don’t prepare their cars for weather. You need plenty of fuel, you should make sure your batteries are good, and check the tires,” said Lowery.

Snowy roadways can cause even more problems for drivers.

“The state has Hoosier Helpers because it is so dangerous out here. We try to keep people moving and keep the roadways open,” said Lowery.

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