EXCLUSIVE: Key witnesses in Cumberland murder case detail horrific shooting that left clerk dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CUMBERLAND, IND. – A key witness in the murder investigation of a Cumberland store clerk who was shot and killed Friday night is speaking exclusively to CBS4 News.

“Did you think they were going to kill you when they came into the gas station?"

"Yes, I did. I thought for sure that after they pulled the guns out we were all going to be gone,” answered the witness.

She remembers every second of the most frightening moments of her life.

“They swung the doors open and whipped out their guns and said, 'We are robbing this place, give me the money.' They had gloves on and we could not see their face whatsoever, we could not see any part of their skin besides their eyes,” says the witness.

Before the store clerk, 24-year-old "Monte" Singh, could hang up the phone, one suspect shot him in the chest.

“He is falling real slowly, he is clutching his chest,” said the witness as she watched Singh collapse.

With Singh dead on the floor, the suspects turned to the witness who was on her first night of training to be a clerk at the Cumberland Express.

“When he jumped over the counter to talk to me he had the gun in his hand pointed towards me,” she recalled.

She says the men remained eerily calm throughout the whole incident.

“They did not seem afraid…of anything."

They demanded cash while threatening her life.

“They leaned over the counter and told me to open the cash register. I told them I did not know how and they ran out.”

The second witness who spoke exclusively with CBS4 News about the murder says she was standing in the corner of the Cumberland Express and called the police as soon as the suspects left. There was nothing they could do for Singh.

“There was blood on the floor and there was blood coming out of his mouth,” the second witness said.

The two girls are not sure why the men did not kill them too. The sound of the gun, the blood of their friend on the floor, and the horror will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

“Will you ever forget these suspects’ voices? No, I will never forget them; they are forever burned in my mind."

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