Indy Snow Force trucks ready for snow accumulation overnight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 11, 2016) – According to the Indy Weather Authority, most of the area will see snow accumulation with totals ranging between 1 to 3 inches by Tuesday night.  We’ll most likely see flurries today, but more snow will fall throughout the night and early tomorrow morning,

Along with the snow, falling temperatures and strong gusts will create hazardous road conditions and the weather will likely impact your morning commute.

As a result, the Indy Snow Force will remain activated throughout the overnight hours. Crews will continue to keep roads as safe as possible given the conditions and will continue to work throughout Wednesday morning, monitoring weather conditions very closely. DPW Spokesperson Jennifer Hashem said 65 trucks are on the roads today preparing for snow.

Hashem said the dry and cold conditions today helped crews have enough time to lay plenty of salt before precipitation continues.

“When we have an event where we possibly may have some rain leading up to snow, we do not pre-treat the roads, simply because the salt won’t adhere to the pavement," Hashem said.

Commuters help crews out when they lay salt on the roads. The conditions Monday were the perfect combination for DPW crews to hit the roads and treat them in time for the coming storm.

“Traffic can help move that salt around which makes it slushy which is easier for us to move it around," Hashem said.

Many side streets remain snow and ice covered. DPW said they don't activate snow and ice removal in neighborhoods unless there are six inches or more of snow on the roads.

“Our main concern are those primary thoroughfare streets and the reason why is because that is our link to our cities emergency services and also our commuters getting to and from work and school," Hashem explained.

INDOT crews are also working today to prepare for the incoming weather.

INDOT spokesperson Nathan Riggs said 30 trucks patrolled interstates during rush hour this morning.

In Marion County, 55 drivers will plow and treat interstates, U.S. highways and state routes, starting a 4 p.m.  A second shift will report at midnight.

"One of the biggest challenges is battling blowing snow on salt-treated routes. The salt-treated pavement melts the snow, creates wet pavement, and then the blowing snow sticks to the wet pavement, which can cause quick refreezing and ice accumulation on the roads," said Riggs.

Drivers should exercise caution on the road and make sure they leave plenty of time to reach their destinations as they travel.

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