A cold night leads to weekend warm-up

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Expect a chilly night across central Indiana.  Temperatures will drop to the upper teens to lower 20°s by Saturday morning.  There could also be a few passing snow showers/flurries Friday evening, mainly from Indianapolis and north.  No accumulation is expected from any snow that falls.

19z HRRR DMA - All Snow

After a day with winds gusting 25-38 miles per hour, winds will begin to ease by Saturday morning.  However, before we get to morning, winds will be out of the west at 12-20 mph.  That will create wind chill temperatures from 8° to 14° late Friday night.

Expect to see more sunshine Saturday as skies become partly cloudy by afternoon.   Temperatures should climb in to the middle to upper 30°s.


Finally feeling like December!  Today looks to go in the books “normal”.  This is the first time we have had a day normal to below normal in almost two weeks.

December 2015 - Monthly Almanac Temperature

In fact, today’s high of 34° in Indianapolis is the coldest high temperature in over nine months.  You have to go back to March 6, 2015 to find a colder day. (Temperature only reached 30°.)

Through December 17, this month ranks 6th warmest for December in the past 144 years.


People have been inquiring “where is the cold air?”.  To get the answer you have to go north.  Waaaaaaay north.

North America Temps

The bitterly cold arctic air remains bottled up north of the Arctic Circle.  This afternoon temperatures were -30° to -40°.  In order for the dam to break, we need to see some changes in the upper-levels of the atmosphere.  Once a buckle comes along, it should allow the cold air to spill south through Canada and eventually the United States.  Looking over the next two weeks, I don’t see anything signs of that happening.

If anything, I think we will increase our ranking in warmest Decembers as we go through the upcoming week.

7 Day PM

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