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Lugar talks foreign policy and current events hoping to get teens into politics

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (December 5, 2015) —High school juniors representing schools from more than 60 counties gathered at the University of Indianapolis Saturday morning to hear former United States Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) discuss foreign policy and national security.

The speech was designed to encourage students to get involved in foreign policy discussions and was part of the Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders.

“I believe that the future of leadership in Indiana and the United States is with our great high school students in Indiana,” Lugar said.

Lugar has been putting on the symposium for 39 years. In this year’s symposium, he discussed the United States’ current relationships with China, Russia and countries in the Middle East.

“I wanted to outline to the students the challenges they’re going to have for many years,” he said. “These are not going to go away and I’ve been working on these problems for at least the last 39 years.”

Carmel High School Junior Andrew Ardizone was one of the students selected to attend the leadership event. He said he enjoyed learning from Lugar and feels more prepared for future responsibilities as an American.

“I’ll be voting in the next election so it will be nice to know what kind of policies I want to look for,” Ardizone said. “More domestic policy is becoming foreign policy and as those things are getting intertwined, it’s more important to realize the importance of foreign policy.”

Lugar also touched on recent current events including the Syrian refugee crisis.

“I believe the governor has a good point in terms of proper vetting (of Syrian refugees), but I believe it should be possible for us to accept some refugees in a humanitarian way that would be helpful,” Lugar said.

The statesman also shared concerns about the amount of weapons found with San Bernardino shooters.

“How did they get it? How do people really arm themselves with not a single rifle, but really enough for artillery?” Lugar said.

He said he would encourage legislators to consider making stricter gun laws.

“We do need to have some control to limit these type of purchases,” Lugar said.

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