Fog and clouds are the theme for week ahead

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Amazing what a few additional hours of sunshine will do to temperatures.  Highs Saturday afternoon ranged from the upper 30°s to near 50° in central Indiana.

WTTV High Temp

We can thank the morning fog for the wide range in temperatures.  It took several hours for fog to lift and eventually the sun eroded clouds away allowing for some late afternoon sunshine.

Fog will once again form later Saturday evening in central Indiana.  Areas of dense fog will be possible, especially north of I-70.  As temperatures drop to below freezing, there could be areas of freezing fog in the morning.  Keep that in mind if you are traveling late Saturday night through early Sunday morning.

It will take a while for winds to mix the air and the sun to erode the clouds away Sunday morning.  Expect areas of fog through 10am/11am.  This will again limit temperatures across the central part of the Hoosier state.  Generally, temperatures should top out in the lower 40°s, however there could be a few locales stuck in the upper 30°s due to increased fog/clouds, and a few locales near 50° where fog erodes quickly.   Skies should become partly cloudy by late afternoon.

Fog and low clouds will be a main theme to the week ahead.  I have fog in the forecast again Monday morning.  Low level moisture looks to hang around through at least Saturday.  Meaning clouds will prevail in the forecast for the upcoming week.  Yeah, welcome to typical Indiana winter.  (The crowd goes “boooooo!”)

7 Day PM

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