Tenth anniversary of unsolved double-murder on Indianapolis north side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Picture of Kenneth Spivey

(November 22, 2015) – This week marks the tenth anniversary of a still-unsolved double-murder on the north side where a doomed man’s final plea still haunts the young witness to the case.

“Don’t kill me in front of my kids, man. Not in front of my kids.”

That’s what Kenneth Spivey said to the men who held guns on him and a friend and demanded money.

“They just pulled out their guns and asked Kenneth for the money and that was it. They shot him and they ran out of the house,” said Erica Jones, Spivey’s girlfriend and mother to his children. “To this day we really haven’t gotten too many answers to it.”

Spivey’s namesake, Kenneth, 6, watched the killings go down, put shoes on his little sister Kennedy and took her across the street to a relative’s house as recounted in a 911 call minutes after the murders.

“The man has been shot,” said the caller. “We live across the street. His kids came and told us. His kids are six and two. They kids said they left.”

In the background of the call, you can hear a child’s voice saying to a whimpering youngster, “It’s okay. You’ll be alright.”

“Kenneth…he’s a troubled kid,” Jones said of her now-teenage son. “He needs his father. He wants his father, they were extremely close. Sleepless nights. He has nightmares about it. It’s just been hard for him.”

Ronald Dillard also died inside Spivey’s house.

Since the original detective on the case now retired, the best hope for Jones and her children and their search for answers would be a tip that could lead investigators to the five men who killed two people that night.

“We just know that there is somebody out there who knows what happened,” said Jones. “And we just want justice served.”

If you know what happened on Evanston Avenue north of the State Fairgrounds ten years ago, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-TIPS.

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