Uber drivers are turning their app off and striking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Uber file photo

Phoenix, AZ (CNN) — If you are counting on Uber to cart you around this weekend, you may want to get another car service on speed dial.

Drivers say they’re underpaid, and they’re willing to hit the brakes until they get what they want.

Drivers are asking Uber for a tip option on the app, higher cancellation fees and for the minimum fare to be raised.

We talked to travelers at Sky Harbor Airport who say they’re happy Uber customers.

“I like that I know where my guy is and when he’s going to get there,” said Jamie Froehling, who is from San Francisco.

“[It’s] a good price, a competitive price. The app is very easy to use, very easy to put on your phone. You scan your credit card, just lay it on your iPhone. I mean, it’s very easy,” said Liz Knowles, who’s from Seattle.

But Uber driver Thomas Boulos said working for the company isn’t easy.

“What they’re doing is mind-boggling,” Boulos said.

Boulos said he’s been working for Uber for two years, driving an SUV at the airport.

“You’ll be in line. Your turn comes, somehow you disappear from the line, and the people who are behind you two or three hours after you’ve been there get called to the airport,” Boulos said.

Boulos claims Uber drivers have complained to the company about this, and it wasn’t fixed; but that’s not the only issue.

“They tell the customer that the tips are included in the fare,” Boulos said. “There is no place on the fare that says 20 percent tip anywhere, and they take the 28 percent. Under which law they can take 28 percent of your tip?”

Boulos said Uber is trying to kill off its luxury rides at the airport to compete with taxis by showing a pop-up screen when people waiting at the airport open the app.

“On behalf of the XL service and the Uber select service,” Boulos said.

We reached out to Uber, and they wouldn’t talk about the strike itself. Instead, they provided this statement:

“We always welcome feedback from driver-partners. Each month, tens of thousands of drivers across the U.S. begin using the Uber app to make money on their own time towards their needs and goals. Drivers say they value the flexibility and the chance to be their own boss, and choose Uber over other options because it fits around their life and works for them.”

The nationwide strike is planned for Oct. 16 to 18.

Drivers are encouraged to turn off their app for the entire weekend.

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