Indianapolis-based research group proposes billion dollar interstate additions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (October 15, 2015)- An Indianapolis-based research group has proposed massive interstate upgrades that would cost the state billions of dollars.

Conexus Indiana Logistics developed the plans with business leaders across the state. That group includes CEO’s of airports and railroads, warehouse logistics companies, third party providers, and the people who build and design the infrastructure.

The plan was presented to INDOT officials.

Conexus Vice President David Holt said the plans were requested by business leaders.

“What the business community looks for is how do we move something more efficiently? How do we do it faster? If we get it there faster, obviously it lowers costs for any trucker or anyone providing a service," Holt explained.

He said right now the plans are just ideas and there is no concrete determination if the projects will ever be complete. The project was structured around the need for more routes for trucks.

“Freights are gonna double by 2035. That means we’re gonna have double the amount of trucks on 465. We have to figure out a way to not have trucks going on 465 on a regular basis," Holt said.

The goal is to eventually create a loop surrounding 465 for trucks. That would alleviate the congestion already plaguing busy Interstate 465.

Another plan would be to create a connector route from Interstate 65 in Boone County through Hamilton County and into Madison County. That project was estimated by INDOT for a total of $1.02 billion.

INDOT says their involvement in the project is very minimal. They primarily are tasked with creating maps. INDOT also says the plans outlined by Conexus are not considered to be part of INDOT's five year plan.

Holt said it all comes down to finding the funds.

“The mayors or the county commissioners or whatever will say we need these things to happen. That’s going to put some pressure down on the state legislatures," Holt said. "What we’ve said is all this stuff needs to happen eventually, but it needs to be done over a 30-year period.”

Click here for a link to other projects recommended by Conexus.

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