VOTE: Which Blue Lady should go to Colts Clinic 101?!

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We’ve narrowed it down to four finalists after asking for your submissions for who should be a Blue Lady! The winner will be sent to Colts Clinic 101 after receiving a makeover and more. Read about each of these awesome women and submit your vote below.

Nomination Entry #1: “Paula Boze has been my life long love since we were freshmen in high school. We started dating in 1979 and were married in 1989. We have been through better and worse since our marriage. Paula is a true wife and mother Paula916201513929PM63that is a warrior for our family. We have two children ages 23 and 19. Our 19 year old son is mildly autistic and had to have an advocate so that his educational and social needs were met. Paula self educated herself on special needs laws in Indiana to ensure our sons needs were met which in turn aided him in excelling in public school. Paula has been a rock for our family as she has endured my several moves, job changes, loss of jobs and monetary problems over the last couple of years. She never complained and stayed by my side while giving up her own dreams so that I could pursue mine. She never spends money on herself as she always wants me and our kids to have the best we can afford while by cheaper things for herself. Paula is an inspiration to our family and would be an outstanding person to be treated with this great honor. She loves the Colts so this would be a very special day for her.”


IMG_20150901_1208201579152015124051PM63Nomination Entry #2: “Nana (known to others as Maxine) is my grandmother. She LOVES the Colts and has the sass to go with being a Colts fan. She’s never been to a game or anywhere near her favorite players. But her love for the Colts is not the only reason I’m nominating her. You see, she always goes out of her way to help me and anyone else she can. Whether it’s homelessness, dementia, or infirmity, Nana is there. She turned 89 on Sep. 1; I would love it if she ended her birthday month by going to the Colts clinic. She truly deserves it.”





Nomination Entry #3: “My wife, Maryann Gallagher-Little, is amazing and she works so hard to provide for our family. When we got together she welcomed my children into her arms like they were her own. She is always giving and takes great care of us including our foreign exchange student Daniela. She never takes anytime for herself and is always worrying about others. She works full time plus is a sheriff deputy reserve along with being a Child Advocate for Marion County. We are also foster parents as well which takes up some our time as well. I think this would be a great opportunity for her to take time for herself.”


20150903_193512-19142015111829AM63Nomination Entry #4: “Leonora Morales is my girlfriend & she is incredible. Leonora does so much for her family & the community. She has 5 children, works 2 jobs & is always thinking about the other person. Leonora volunteers wherever she can & loves helping people & being there if you need an extra helping hand. Leonora has volunteered for United Way, the MS Walk, Drumstick Dash, Angel Tree, Food Pantries, you name it she does it. Leonora loves the Colts & the littlest things gets her excited about winning. Leonora is your best pick to win because of her giving heart. Attending a Colts Clinic would blow her mind & of course winning a makeover would be icing on the cake! Pick her & I’ll be the best boyfriend ever!”



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