Meet the real Stephen Colbert

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 10, 2015)-- Stephen Colbert has taken one of the highest profile jobs on television. But no one knows him, not really. The person they know is the bombastic character he created on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. But the real Stephen is a man Jerry Seinfeld called a conventional person who’s a mad man inside his head.

"I don't know about mad man. I don't need medication. Unless you got some, help a brother out," said Colbert.

Born in South Carolina, Colbert first aspired to become a dramatic actor. He did commercial work. He even appear in one for a Chicago bank. But, Colbert eventually turned to comedy. He performed improve at the legendary Second City.

“I guess I'm subversive, I'm subversive that way, I like to question the social order which all comedians do I think, was that too deep, did I get too deep for a second?" said Colbert.

It’s that improvisational background that Colbert relied upon on the Colbert Report. He says the interview segment was his favorite part of the show, because no one knew what would happen.

"I really like discovery, comedy writing is like you’re going to invent a joke. It's a skill and its beautiful and it's joyful, but better than that is making a discovery and you know, the discovery is the most joyful part."

He may look typical, but Colbert says he always felt like an outsider growing up. He confided he was self-conscious about his Southern accent as a child and worked hard to lose it so he could sound like a TV news anchor.

"On TV, people with Southern accents came off as stupid, they were portrayed as stupid and I wanted to seem smart and so as a child I want to talk like John Chancellor. It's CBS, I should say Cronkite, " said Colbert.

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