Officials search for answers why a bolt fell from LOS roof injuring 3 at Colts Game

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) September 4, 2015 - Crews and officials at Lucas Oil Stadium Friday were assessing and searching for the cause as to how a bolt fell from the retractable roof and injured 3 people during Thursday night’s preseason Colts game. Fans we spoke with shared their thoughts about this latest incident. “I’m sure whatever happened, they’ll get the problem figured out. I have faith they’ll get it fixed so it doesn’t happen again,” said Brian Fisher. Colts fans are standing by their team and those who operate and maintain Lucas Oil Stadium. “I was actually at the game . I didn’t see that happen,” said Camille Blunt. According to the group that manages the stadium,  "The roof was in process of being opened for the second half of the preseason game. A bolt from the fixed structure sheared and dropped into seating section 248." That bolt injured 3 people, including one woman who was seen getting into an ambulance with a bandage around her head.  Officials also say, as soon as the problem was discovered, "the movement of the roof was stopped immediately and stadium authorities were notified.” Two of the people injured were taken to the hospital. A third person was treated at the stadium. All of them were reported to have non-life threatening injuries. “Sounds like they dealt with it as quickly as they possibly could and handled it,” said Camille Blunt. In a statement released to the media, "the cause is being assessed and the roof will be fully inspected.  The safety of everyone who attends and works events at Lucas Oil Stadium is our top priority.” Colts fan Brian Fisher believes after this, the roof should be safe and better than ever. “Something like that usually has to have something happen before someone take a really good look and make sure its squared away. Hopefully before the next game, they’ll have all those problems ironed out.” Camille Blunt added: “They want it safe for everybody. They want as many people to come as possible and they want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience.” This is now the 2nd time in two years, there’s been an incident with the stadium during a game. A railing collapsed injuring two people in 2013. In March,  NFL owners approved a rule that would allow teams with retractable roofs to open at halftime. The proposal was actually submitted by the Colts last year. There is no word yet if the roof will be open for the regular season home opener on September 21st.

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