Get ready for packed roads! Labor Day travel numbers expected to be highest in years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Indianapolis, Ind. (September 4, 2015) - A final road trip before the end of summer this year must sound enticing to many Americans because AAA expects the most travelers to fill the roads since 2008.

"Traffic really looks strong for this Labor Day holiday," said Greg Seiter, Public Affairs Manager for AAA Hoosier Motor Club. "We’re looking at 35.5 million Americans traveling 50 or more miles from home."

A small percentage of people fly for a Labor Day trip. This year, 86% of vacationers will drive.

What bodes well for drivers this year is the low price per gallon for gas.

On Labor Day weekend last year, Hoosiers paid $3.48 per gallon. This year, the average is $2.40 per gallon.

"Really anyway families can save themselves a little money is going to help during a travel period like this, but with gas prices being what they are right now, people are certainly going to be able to spend their money in other areas," said Seiter.

"Interestingly enough, statistics show us that when Labor Day begins in August, toward the end of August, people tend to travel a little more, but that’s not necessarily the case this year. We’re seeing extremely strong travel volume. It’s reflective of other holidays that we’ve seen throughout this past year and beyond, and the growth has just been steady and we’re obviously very happy to see that."

Seiter reminds drivers construction will be an issue, especially on I-65 northbound near Lafayette.

"The best recommendation I can make is that folks go online to the Indiana Department of Transportation site. That’s a great place to find out where the current restrictions are and you can find yourself an alternate route accordingly."

This is the fourth consecutive year of overall travel growth for Labor Day weekend.

Check out the Department of Transportation site here.

You can find information on gas prices at the AAA Fuel Gauge Report and you can book last-minute hotels, car rentals and flights here.

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