No settlement in Tom Brady’s ‘DeflateGate’ suspension, decision now in judge’s hands

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No settlement was reached in the "Deflategate" case Monday. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said he will have a ruling before Friday, with the ruling possibly coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

Last-minute talks between lawyers for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady failed, leaving it up to Berman to decide the case.

Monday's hearing lasted only four minutes, according to The NFL and Brady had been in talks for weeks to try to reach a deal. The New England Patriots quarterback faces a four-game suspension after a report from investigator Ted Wells said Brady was "generally aware" that the Patriots had deflated footballs for the AFC Champions Game against the Indianapolis Colts.

After the report was released, Goodell set a four-game suspension for Brady and imposed sanctions against the Patriots. While the Patriots later accepted those sanctions, Brady has fought the suspension, which Goodell upheld on appeal. The case then went to federal court.


NEW YORK — The term “Deflategate” lives on as the case surrounding the scandal heads to a federal courtroom in Manhattan. New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are set to appear before the judge during a status conference to debate Brady’s four-game suspension.

The controversy started when the Patriots played the Colts during the AFC Championship Game in January. After an investigation, Goodell determined that Brady conspired with Patriots ball handlers to deflate footballs to give the team an advantage during the game. Brady maintains he did nothing wrong and the NFL Players Association has asked the judge to void the suspension.

Federal Judge Richard Berman warned the NFL earlier this month that he could erase Brady's suspension if both sides can’t negotiate a deal, and if that’s the case, he hopes to make a decision by September 4th. That would be six days before the Patriot’s season-opener.

The Colts take-on the Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 18th — and if the suspension is upheld in court — that game could mark Brady’s return this season.

Monday’s hearing is set for 11 a.m.

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