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‘If you are a meth cooker, we are coming after you’: Muncie police chief gives warning after massive meth bust

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Suspects arrested after meth bust

Suspects arrested after meth bust

MUNCIE, Ind. (Aug. 13, 2015) — The day following a massive drug sweep, Muncie Police Chief Steve Stewart is fired up.

“If you are a meth cooker, we are coming after your ass!” Stewart said.

Stewart wants to make it very clear that he is serious about targeting drug dealers in his community.

“I’ve seen our evidence photos and it’s incredible,” he said.

Evidence from the bust

Evidence from the bust

The photo Stewart is referencing shows more than 100 single-pot meth labs strewn about one of the three homes raided by Muncie and Indiana State Police Wednesday evening. There were 14 arrests made during the sweep.

The biggest meth manufacturing operation was found at a home located at 1100 W. Second St.

“That was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and that was just one house!” said Stewart.

Officers could be seen wearing hazmat suits and removing highly combustible single-pot meth labs.

“I’m just glad it’s cleaned up and they are out of the neighborhood,” said Chris Cameron, who works next to one of the meth houses raided by authorities.

At least six of the arrests made during the operation were executed through undercover or confidential informant drug buys.

“I’ve had a zero tolerance policy for meth in this office for a long time and I’m going to continue that,” said Delaware County Prosecutor Jeff Arnold.

Arnold says meth isn’t just a public safety risk, it’s also costing tax payer big money.

“The cost to clean up what you saw in that picture is tremendous,” said Arnold.

An orange sign also hangs on the front door of a home located on the 2400 block of Martin Luther King Drive noting that the property is condemned. An active lab and other paraphernalia were found inside the home along with two children.

“One of the labs had two small children inside, they had to go to the hospital to be decontaminated. Is that fair to them?” asked Stewart. The Department of Child Protective Services was called to the scene Wednesday night.

Arrests were also made at a home on the 2200 block of East Ninth Street. Drug manufacturing ingredients and two guns were found inside the home. A convicted drug dealer was arrested from this location.

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