Woman accused of spitting in Farmland officer’s face, shattering patrol car window

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Photo credit: Randolph County Jail

Photo credit: Randolph County Jail

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. (August 12, 2015) – A Randolph County woman was arrested and is accused of shattering a patrol car windshield and spitting in an officer’s face.

According to court documents, Farmland police were called to the residence of Holly Logan, 30, on the night of August 6 on a report of a possible overdose.

Logan’s neighbor made the call after Logan’s three children walked over to the neighbor’s house and told the neighbor there was something wrong with their mom.

When police arrived at Logan’s residence, they found her unresponsive in the bathroom.

After a short time, police were able to wake Logan up. Her speech was slurred, she seemed very confused, and she smelled of alcohol.

Officers asked Logan if she had anything to drink and she said “a half pint.” Officers asked her what type of alcohol she consumed, and she said “a half pint too much.”

Logan also did not know where her three children were. At that time, police advised Logan she was under arrest for neglect of a dependent.

When officers started to walk Logan out of the house she resisted and flailed her arms and legs. She put her feet on the door of the patrol car to stop officers from putting her in it.

Once officers got her in the patrol car, she put her feet on the dashboard and refused to put them down.

Officers advised Logan several times that if she didn’t remove her feet from the dashboard she would be tased. She refused to comply to orders, and an officer tased her.

Once Logan was tased, she finally put her feet down, but she continued to kick the inside of the vehicle. At that point in time, an officer put leg shackles around her ankles.

The officer shut the door to the patrol car and started to walk away from the vehicle to continue the investigation. That’s officers heard a loud bang.

Logan had managed to kick the windshield of the patrol car, causing it to shatter.

When an officer opened Logan’s door to ask her to calm down, she spit in the officer’s face – covering his nose, glasses, and mouth.

Police put a spit mask on Logan’s face, and after a “long time” she finally calmed down.

Logan was transported to the Randolph County Jail. She faces five charges: battery by bodily waste on law enforcement, neglect of a dependent child, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, and criminal mischief.

Logan was released from the Randolph County jail on August 10 after posting a $15,000 bond. Her initial hearing is set for August 25 in Randolph Circuit Court.

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