VIDEO: View the world through the eyes of an elephant at the Indianapolis Zoo

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 12, 2015) – In celebration of World Elephant Day, check out this amazing new video filmed from the first-hand perspective of Tombi, a 39-year-old African elephant at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Officials at the zoo used iON AirPro cameras, which gives us an inside look as she enjoyed some of her favorite treats — tree trimmings and watermelons.

Tombi is an ambassador for her species, and she helps officials at the zoo learn about elephants and their incredible abilities.

Here are some elephant fun facts:

  • An elephant’s trunk contains more than 100,000 different muscles. Like all elephants, Tombi can use her super-strong trunk to lift heavy objects, like tree trunks and tractor tires.
  • At the tip of the trunk are two finger-like extensions that allow elephants to pinch and grip smaller items.
  • African elephants are the largest land mammals in the world. However, in the wild, elephants are still vulnerable to extinction.
  • The biggest threat to elephants in Africa comes from poachers. It’s estimated that 96 elephants die each day at the hands of poachers who want to sell their ivory tusks for profit.

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